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Q: What is PHEXN?

A: PHEXN  is much more than a forum. It's a complete platform to spend your time making friends and getting lost in whatever interests you. Aside from usual media, we have exclusive offerings like a Shop and VPN. We also give away various accounts on a regular interval.

Q: I just joined PHEXN ! What should I do now?

A: First of all, read the RULES and FAQ.
Then introduce yourself over here.
Before posting content, please be sure to read the rules and guidelines of that section. If you have any questions, please contact the respective moderators of each section

Q: What should I write for my introduction?

A: We've created a wonderful thread explaining the Do's and Don'ts of what an introduction thread should be! Click Here to view it.

Q: What are the user groups, their privileges, and how to get promoted/demoted?

A :Being active, sharing stuff, and getting recognized is the first steps to get/stay user group promotion.

Q: How do I get myself banned?

A: This happens if you break any of the Forum Rules or if you have received multiple warnings by breaking any of the Section Rules.

Q: How can I delete my post or move it to the correct section?

A: Only Admins and Moderators can remove their posts. If you are not apart of the mentioned usergroups or need to move your post to the correct section, you will need to click on the report button, this can be found at the bottom of the post. Then you need to give the report reason and click on the report.

Q: How do I post and solve requests?

Head over to the request section and see if you can solve any requests. 

Q: How do I sell items in the shop?

A: You need to contact the admins and let them know what you want to sell. We will help you make a post and set the price.

Q: Are alternate accounts allowed?

A: No, alternate accounts are NOT allowed. If any were to be found, both accounts would be banned

Q: Who should I contact for which issues?

A: For any Account related issues, Contact ADMINS
For Post related issues, Contact that section's Moderators.

Q: I want to suggest some improvements. Where should I go to do that?

A: Go to our Suggestions & feedback section and start a new thread and write your suggestions.


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